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Tips for more effective painting

by Michael Francis on 03/02/17

We know; painting your living room is not quite as exciting as using your artistic abilities to become the next Picasso, but it can still be pretty rewarding.

Over time, the paint in our homes can start to feel stagnant, loose its luster, and quite frankly, sometimes we just get tired of it and need a change.  Entering into the new season is a great time to do this, particularly since many of us tend to purge during spring-cleaning. 

Here are 5 tips for maximizing the effect and minimizing the effort needed to do this DIY right:

Don’t skimp on the supplies – Invest in some good brushes, rollers, and painters tape.  The last thing you want is to spend the money on good paint and wind up with streaky brush and roller marks.  Investing in quality brushes and rollers will also help give good coverage,which will reduce the need for re-application. 

 Inspect the walls - Wipe down any greasy spots on the walls, fill any empty nail holes with spackle, and scrape or sand off any loose paint.    

Prep, Prep, Prep - Cover anything you do not want painted.  Remove all electrical and light switch covers.  You will thank yourself later when your floors, furniture, and fixtures remain paint free and minimal clean up is needed.

Use Primer – Primer is not always necessary, but there are times that it will be.  This is particularly true if you are trying to paint over semi-gloss paint or a darker color.  In these situations, don’t settle for a paint & primer combo; go for a regular old primer (we use KILZ Premium). 

Roll from the top – We have two words for you…PAINT DRIPS.  By starting your rolling from the top, you roll in the drips as you go.   Genius, right!? 

Bonus tip:

Have fun and get creative!  Bring out your inner Picasso.  Not sure how?  Pinterest has many great ideas to get you thinking (and overwhelmed, so tread lightly).  Try an accent wall, go get some stencils, or experiment with color combinations between your walls and trim.  It’s only paint…Testimage

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